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Washing your clothes is a necessity. However, keep in mind that laundry uses 22% of all water in your home! In order to maximize the efficiency of your laundry, only do full loads.

Another way to save water is to ask yourself "Does this really need washing?" A lot of times, people wear clothes for only a few hours, and then discard them as "Dirty". Use discretion in when you wash your clothes.

Washing machines have come a long way in the past few years. Newer models are more energy- and water-efficient than ever. Horizontal-axis (or front loading) washing machines are becoming more popular. These attractive and space-conserving machines use about half the water of conventional washing machines. They have also been found to wash clothes better than standard models, and require less detergent per load (reducing the potential amount of chemicals entering the wastewater system).

If you would like to replace your washing machine, take alook at how the Consumer Reports Magazine rated the various designs.

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Perform an annual maintenance check on your evaporative (swamp) cooler. Check for and fix any leaks you find.

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