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Be a Good Citizen

Be a Good Citizen
  • Dispose of motor oil, paint and pesticides properly by taking them to a certified disposal or recycling site. Dumping these materials down the drain or on the ground is illegal and ends up polluting our water resources.

  • Become informed about water conservation and encourage your employer, local government, school system and neighbors to promote conservation programs and initiatives in your community.

  • Support water recycling projects in your community.

  • Attend public hearings and meeting on water issues.

  • Consider the impact of land-use and zoning decisions of your water resources.

  • Write to your public officials about obvious mismanagement or disregard for community water resources.

  • Volunteer to help clean up a water body or promote water conservation awareness in your community.

  • Vote for programs or candidates that protect the environment.

  • Know who operates your water utilities.

  • Know the name and location of your watershed.

  • Learn about costs associated with water supply and wastewater treatment.

  • Join a local group committed to natural resources protection.

  • Educate your friends and family about water conservation.

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