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If precipitation is forecasted in the coming week please hold off on your irrigation.

This weekly lawn watering guide is based on the prior week's weather conditions. The goal is to apply the amount of water used by evaporation and plant processes in the previous week as precisely as possible. Microclimates in your yard may require an adjustment in your watering schedule. For more water conservation tips, please see the Division's Water Conservation Tips page.

Click on the map below for real-time evapotranspiration values for individual weather stations


Generally one irrigation is equal to 0.5 inches of applied water, which is roughly equal to 20 minutes with pop-up spray heads and 40 minutes with impact rotor sprinklers. For more complete information about your particular irrigation system please visit the Division's Residential Lawn Watering Guide.

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The Utah Division of Water Resources holds no responsibility for damage to your landscape from following the directions indicated. Every yard is different so the best thing to do is to watch your landscape carefully until you are familiar with its water requirements.