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Utah's Water Conservation Plan
Read all about Utah's efforts to conserve water, and view our recommendations and resources for water agencies!
Real-Time Lawn Watering Info
Get real-Time lawn watering recommendations here!
Get a FREE Water Check!
This free service will help you determine how much water to apply to your lawn!
Water-Wise Plants for Utah
Find native and adapted species of plants that are appropriate for Utah's unique climate!
Report Water Abuse
Find out who to call in your area regarding water abuse and other issues.
If you live in Salt Lake, Utah or Washington Counties, find out if you can qualify for a Landscape Product Rebate!
It's EASY to Save Water!
Learn how to water your lawn properly, along-side Mark and Kevin Eubank.
Learn about smart controller technology Rainwater Harvesting
Water Management & Conservation Plan blank form Water Related Diversions
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Watering Guide

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Watering Guide

Watering Guide

Conservation Tip

Perform an annual maintenance check on your evaporative (swamp) cooler. Check for and fix any leaks you find.

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