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What to Utahn's Think About Water Conservation?

A recent survey conducted by Dan Jones & Associates shows that Utahns are more willing than ever to start conserving water. Below is a sample of the results of that survey.

How important do you feel water conservation is?
83% - Very important
15% - Somewhat important

1% - Not very important
1% - Not at all important

If important, WHY?
20% - Survival / Need water to live
18% - We live in a desert

12% - We have a shortage / drought
11% - Population growth / demand increasing
8% - We only have so much

Is there a need to conserve water in Utah?
95% - Yes
3% - No
2% - Don't know

Would you support your water supplier in adopting a time-of-day watering ordinance prohibiting the irrigation of lawns and landscapes between the times of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm?

73% - Strongly support
13% - Somewhat support
5% - Somewhat oppose
6% - Strongly oppose


What do YOU think about water conservation in Utah? Voice your opinion here!